Fuel tank ding

What was previously said to be a heavy landing was actually a very soft landing. Too darned soft.

It looks a bit messy


With a coat of paint it will not be too bad. It is after all underneath the wing. I hope it doesn't affect my spin recovery time :-)

The patch


This is about the best I can do without a major internal operation

The hole is about 30mm X 10mm


I have decided to patch it from the outside. I will need to clean up this hole and make a patch to blind rivet on bonded with proseal.



Because the damage is the other side of this baffle it cannot be repaired from the inside. I opted not to bore out the baffle.

Spat damage


This what actually happened. The wheel sunk into a patch of soft earth causing the front wheel boot to disintegrate and the rear spat to puncture the fuel tank.

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